Ancillary Castings
  • Suitable for domestic and pedestrian applications
  • Most sizes available in Alloy, Cast Iron and Galvanised Cast Iron

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CodeSize (mm)Size (inches)Description
SJARG125125mm DIA5"Alloy Grid
SJARG140140mm DIA5.5"Alloy Grid
SJARG150150mm DIA6"Alloy Grid
SJARG175175mm DIA7"Alloy Grid
SJARG197197mm DIA7.75"Alloy Grid
SJARG205205mm DIA8"Alloy Grid
SJARG225225mm DIA9"Alloy Grid
SJASG120120mm²5"Alloy Grid
SJASG140140mm²5.5"Alloy Grid
SJASG150150mm²6"Alloy Grid
SJASG175175mm²7"Alloy Grid
SJASG205205mm²8"Alloy Grid
SJASG225225mm²9"Alloy Grid
SJASG250250mm²10"Alloy Grid
SJARG140LKD140mm DIA5.5"Hinged & Locking
SJARD197LKD197mm DIA7.75"Hinged & Locking
SJARG273LKD273mm DIA10.78"Hinged & Locking
SJARG363LKD363mm DIA14.50"Hinged & Locking
SJASG120LKD120mm²5"Hinged & Locking
SJASG150LKD150mm²6"Hinged & Locking
SJASG225LKD225mm²9"Hinged & Locking
SJASG300LKD300mm²12"Hinged & Locking
SJBRG125125mm DIA5"Black Iron Grid
SJBRG140140mm DIA5.5"Black Iron Grid
SJBRG150150mm DIA6"Black Iron Grid
SJBRG175175mm DIA7"Black Iron Grid
SJBRG193193mm DIA7.5"Black Iron Grid
SJBRG197297mm DIA7.75"Black Iron Grid
SJBRG205205mm DIA8"Black Iron Grid
SJBRG225225mm DIA9"Black Iron Grid
SJBRG283283mm DIA11"Black Iron Grid
SJBRG363363mm DIA14.50"Black Iron Grid
SJBSG120120mm²5"Black Iron Grid
SJBSG150150mm²6"Black Iron Grid
SJBSG175175mm²7"Black Iron Grid
SJBSG205205mm²8"Black Iron Grid
SJBSG225225mm²9"Black Iron Grid
SJBSG300300mm²12"Black Iron Grid
SJBSG150LKD150mm²6"Hinged & Locking
SJBSG225LKD225mm²9"Hinged & Locking
SJBSG300LKD300mm²12"Hinged & Locking
SJARP110110mm4"Alloy Rodding Point
SJARP160160mm6"Alloy Rodding Point

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