Twinwall Pipe Accessories

Designed for use with surface water twinwall pipe ducting.

  • Fittings and accessory products that are quick and efficient to use
  • Size range from 63mm-600mm from stock
  • Special designs can be fabricated within 2 days

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110TRSRing seal110mm
150TRSRing seal150mm
225TRSRing seal225mm
300TRSRing seal300mm
375TRSRing seal375mm
450TRSRing seal450mm
600TRSRing seal600mm
63TB90Bend 90°50/63mm
63TB45Bend 45°50/63mm
94TB90Bend 90°94/110mm
94TB45Bend 45°94/110mm
137TB90Bend 90°137/160mm
137TB45Bend 45°137/160mm
150TB90Bend 90°150/178mm
150TB45Bend 45°150/178mm
150TB30Bend 30°150/178mm
150TB15Bend 15°150/178mm
225TB90Bend 90°225mm
225TB45Bend 45°225mm
225TB30Bend 30°225mm
225TB15Bend 15°225mm
300TB90Bend 90°300mm
300TB45Bend 45°300mm
300TB30Bend 30°300mm
300TB15Bend 15°300mm
375TB90Bend 90°375mm
375TB45Bend 45°375mm
300TB30Bend 30°375mm
300TB15Bend 15°375mm
375TB90Bend 90°450mm
375TB45Bend 45°450mm
450TB30Bend 30°450mm
450TB15Bend 15°450mm
600TB90Bend 90°600mm
600TB45Bend 45°600mm
600TB30Bend 30°600mm
600TB15Bend 15°600mm
94TY4545° Branch94/110mm
94TT9090° Branch94/110mm
150TY4545° Branch150/178mm
150TT9090° Branch150/178mm
225TY4545° Branch225mm
225TT9090° Branch225mm
300TY4545° Branch300mm
300TT9090° Branch300mm
375TY4545° Branch375mm
375TT9090° Branch375mm
450TY4545° Branch450mm
450TT9090° Branch450mm
600TY4545° Branch600mm
600TT9090° Branch600mm
225TY15045° Branch225 x 150mm
225TT15090° Branch225 x 150mm
300TY15045° Branch300 x 150mm
300TT15090° Branch300 x 150mm
375TY15045° Branch375 x 150mm
375TT15090° Branch375 x 150mm
450TY15045° Branch450 x 150mm
450TT15090° Branch450 x 150mm
600TY15045° Branch600 x 150mm
600TT15090° Branch600 x 150mm
300TY22545° Branch300 x 225mm
300TT22590° Branch300 x 225mm
375TY22545° Branch375 x 225mm
375TT22590° Branch375 x 225mm
450TY22545° Branch450 x 225mm
450TT22590° Branch450 x 225mm
600TY22545° Branch600 x 225mm
600TT22590° Branch600 x 225mm
375TY30045° Branch375 x 300mm
375TT30090° Branch375 x 300mm
450TY30045° Branch450 x 300mm
450TT30090° Branch450 x 300mm
600TY30045° Branch600 x 300mm
600TT30090° Branch600 x 300mm
450TY37545° Branch450 x 375mm
450TT37590° Branch450 x 375mm
600TY37545° Branch600 x 375mm
600TT37590° Branch600 x 375mm
600TY45045° Branch600 x 450mm
600TT45090° Branch600 x 450mm
94TRD63Reducer94/110 x 50/63mm
150TRD94Reducer150/17x 94/110mm
225TRD94Reducer225 x 94/110mm
600TRD94Reducer600 x 94/110mm
225TRD150Reducer225 x 150mm
300TRD150Reducer300 x 150mm
375TRD150Reducer375 x 150mm
450TRD150Reducer450 x 150mm
600TRD150Reducer600 x 150mm
300TRD225Reducer300 x 225mm
375TRD225Reducer375 x 225mm
450TRD225Reducer450 x 225mm
600TRD225Reducer600 x 225mm
375TRD300Reducer375 x 300mm
450TRD300Reducer450 x 300mm
600TRD300Reducer600 x 300mm
450TRD375Reducer450 x 375mm
600TRD375Reducer600 x 375mm
600TRD450Reducer600 x 450mm

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